E286 - Empowering Women to Pursue Marketing Technology as a Career (Caroline Prettyman - WebStrategies)

The working world has changed and allows for much more flexibility, giving parents more options to build careers while being present with their kids.

One of the paths people can take is marketing operations. It is a job that can be learned but also uses so many skills a parent uses on a daily basis.

Our guest on today's show talks about how she took the soft skills she gained in motherhood to the RevOps world. Caroline Prettyman, the senior manager of Hubspot strategy at WebStrategies, shares with us her passion for empowering women to pursue marketing technology as a career.

Caroline speaks about:

  • How she got her start in RevOps (1:30)
  • What inspired Caroline to empower women in this career path (5:10)
  • Why marketing operations is a good career for working parents (8:33)
  • Defining how your soft skills translate to the business world (11:45)
  • It takes time to develop your skills, but it is possible (22:01)

You can find Caroline on LinkedIn as well as on her non-profit website: https://www.jammiedrive.org/

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