E287 - How to Find & Flaunt Your Client's Superpower! (Jamie Makin - TurnKey Content)

There's power in helping clients dig deep and find what makes them unique and stand out from their competitors.

Then how you use that information in their online marketing strategy and in person is crucial to their success.

Our guest, Jamie Makin from TurnKey Content, discusses both strategies in today's episode: How to Find & Flaunt Your Client's Superpower!

Jamie speaks about:

  • How Jamie got into marketing. (3:05)
  • How do you find and flaunt your client's superpower? (5:25)
  • How to use positive reviews to find the common thread in your reviews. (10:44)
  • The secret sauce to making your business come alive. (14:46)
  • The importance of building trust with your clients –. (21:36)
  • How to get better at interviewing your client's story. (23:34)

You can find Jamie on LinkedIn as well as on her website: TKContent.com

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