E288 - The Future of Email Marketing is Personable and Ethical (Yuval Ackerman - Yuval Ackerman Copywriting)

Email marketing can feel intrusive at times, even when you have followed the proper opt-in regulations.

However, there are ways of connecting with your contacts in a real, authentic way that takes the intrusive, pushy sales feeling out of it.

Our guest, Yuval Ackerman, founder and CEO of Yuval Ackerman Copywriting, speaks to us about how the future of email marketing is personable and ethical.

Yuval Ackerman is an ethical email strategist and copywriter. She works with eCommerce and personal brands to create people-first experiences that stand out in oversaturated inboxes. She's also a globe trotter, a songwriter, and the host of the conscious relationship podcast "Loving Against My Instincts." When she's not coming up with bad puns and profitable customer-centric marketing strategies, Yuval is obsessed with anything to do with food.

Today, Yuval speaks about:

  • The evolution of email copywriting and marketing. (6:22)
  • Snoozing is a win-win situation. (11:37)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Email. (16:03)
  • Looking at the new rules as a challenge instead of a challenge. (20:39)
  • Why you need to think of your customer journey as a marathon, not a sprint. (26:49)

You can find Yuval on LinkedIn as well as on her website: ackermancopywriting.com

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