E291 - Why Having a Paid Advertising Specialist is Important for Agency Owners (Sharon Park - Sage Digital Marketing, Inc)

Let's face it. As agency owners, we are notorious for trying to be a jack of all trades.

However, there are certain specialties that we really should partner with experts on to help our clients succeed.

Paid ads are one of those things.

If you don't have an expert on your team, you need to partner with an agency that specializes in this lane of marketing.

Today on the show, Sharon Park, Founder, and CEO of Sage Digital Marketing, Inc, shares with us why having a paid advertising specialist is important for agency owners.

Sharon founded Sage Digi in 2018 to pioneer an enlightened way of doing business. Her goal is to bring transparency and technology to smaller business owners who need a solid technology advisor to grow their online advertising programs.

A seasoned industry leader, Sharon worked in advertising at Google and PubMatic for 15 years. She has led digital strategies for customers like Zillow, Berkshire Hathaway, Nordstrom, Samsung, and Adidas. In 2008, Sharon structured the “Obama for America” media buying strategy, which resulted in a 22:1 return on ad spend. In April 2011, Sharon created the ad tech strategy for General Motors and successfully deployed 700 campaigns to capture over 1 million in-market car shoppers, making it the largest re-marketing campaign in history at the time of launch.

The podcast covers:

  • Introducing Sharon Park, CEO of Sage Digital Marketing. (3:53)
  • Why it’s so important for agency owners to partner with a paid advertising specialist in online marketing. (8:54)
  • The importance of having someone who is in the paid platform day in and day out -. (11:06)
  • What’s the best way to get started with Google Ads? (15:14)
  • Is it better to not advertise at all than to put your credit card in the hands of someone who has not proven it? (17:42)
  • What’s happening to those leads? (21:48)
  • The importance of having a well-rounded approach to marketing. (24:59)
  • Why you need to start with 1/10 of your budget in month one. (28:54)

Paid ads are all recurring revenue streams, so you have to be out hunting all the time. (31:00)


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