E293 - 4 Key Pillars of LinkedIn + NEW Algorithm Changes Happening This Week! (Louise Brogran, CEO of Louise Brogan LTD)

Did you know that LinkedIn changed its algorithm THIS WEEK?!

They are prioritizing meaningful conversations over viral posts.

What are your thoughts on that? How do you think it will affect what you are currently doing on LinkedIn for your agency and your clients?

On today's podcast, we have Louise Brogan, CEO of Louise Brogan, LTD, to speak to us today about the 4 Pillars of LinkedIn and NEW algorithm changes happening this week and how you can take advantage of the changes.

Louise Brogan runs a boutique marketing agency working with entrepreneurs, SME’s and professionals who want to raise their profile through LinkedIn in a genuine and valuable way. 

Louise is an international speaker and hosts the LinkedIn with Louise Podcast and YouTube channel.  She lives at home with her husband, three children, and an energetic spaniel called Bruce.

In 2019, Louise was invited to attend No 10 Downing Street to represent small business and annually attends the House of Lords as one of 12 UK Local Heroes for Business. In 2021 and 2022, Louise was named a Small Business Britain Champion.

On our podcast, Louise covers:

  • The four pillars of LinkedIn. (3:30)
  • The importance of writing about your business. (7:04)
  • Creating content that starts conversations on LinkedIn. (10:08)
  • Connecting with people on LinkedIn. (12:42)
  • Building a community on LinkedIn. (17:42)
  • How to create meaningful comments on LinkedIn. (21:11)
  • How to be a thought leader on LinkedIn. (24:01)

Connect with Louise:

Free download and lots of free content on YouTube.com/c/LinkedInwithLouise

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