E294 - Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand or Franchise Using Localized Content Techniques (Chris Cupero, President and COO of LiveRetail)

On today's podcast, we have Chris Cupero, President and COO of LiveRetail to share with us some Marketing Strategy Tips to Grow Your Brand or Franchise Using Localized Content Techniques.

In this episode, Chris shares his expertise in localized content techniques and provides valuable insights on how agencies and brands can leverage hyper-localized ads to drive engagement and increase conversions. He discusses the power of organic content, the importance of targeting and hyper-targeting, and the effectiveness of localized advertising in reaching the right audience.

Chris covers:

  • What are localized content techniques? (2:13)
  • Local advertising on social media. (4:39)
  • Measuring the right KPI's. (6:54)
  • The importance of building an organic following. (9:05)
  • How to drive engagement. (13:32)
  • Localizing video content to fit the location. (15:55)
  • How agencies are the perfect partner for large retailers. (18:05)
  • Marketing scale and effectiveness. (20:54)
  • Localized content and the ability to scale. (22:38)

Check out his blog at https://businestech.com/7-marketing-strategy-tips-to-grow-your-brand-or-franchise/

Website: liveretail.com

Email: chris.cupero@liveretail.com




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