E295 - How Virtual Staffing Can Help Businesses Improve Their Productivity and Profit (Chris McShanag, COO and President of BizVA)

One of the quickest ways to grow your agency is by using VAs.

  • The cost is low
  • The opportunities are endless
  • Productivity and profits increase
  • Availability to serve clients becomes open ended

Still not convinced?

Check out today's podcast to see what Chris McShanag, COO and President of BizVA, has to say on the subject. He shares how virtual staffing can help businesses improve their productivity and profit.

Chris McShanag is a transformational leader who brings extensive experience in delivering successful business solutions through innovative and scalable solutions.

An entrepreneur at heart, Chris has successfully led many organizations, from start-ups to success in various industries, including healthcare, mining, utilities, and consulting. At BizVA, he oversees the company‚Äôs strategic direction and day-to-day operations. 

Chris covers:

  • How Chris got into the VA industry? (2:38)
  • Productivity improvement with VAs. (4:46)
  • Investing in your team members. (7:48)
  • Revenue generation and marketing. (10:09)
  • How the work environment has changed over time. (12:02)
  • How to use VAs by first evaluating your business. (19:49)

Find Chris at https://bizva.com/ and on his socials:

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