E297 - The Agency Pathway to 30%+ Net Profit (Robert Patin, Creative Agency Success)

As agency owners, we can tend to avoid things that we don't understand or don't love doing.

Your financials can be one of those things. Creativity and strategy can feel more fun. However, it is key that you look at your numbers so you know how to scale and avoid potential issues simply because you are unaware.

On today's podcast, we have Robert Patin, Founder and Agency Scale Partner of Creative Agency Success, to share with us about Profitability Optimization - The Agency Pathway to 30%+ Net Profit.

Robert Patin is the founder of Creative Agency Success, a consulting firm dedicated to helping creative agencies scale. Robert is known for being a deeply inquisitive and analytical leader with a distinct ability to devise solutions that elevate companies and lifestyles. He is a two-time international best-selling author and is passionate about sharing his next-level strategies so that creative agency leaders will find fulfillment and growth.

Robert covers:

  • What is the typical profit margin for agencies? (5:11)
  • Having a good understanding of financial numbers. (7:30)
  • How to increase your profit margin? (10:10)
  • How do you test your fee? (15:42)
  • Looking at what is affordable to the industry. (17:37)
  • The importance of valuing creatives. (19:39)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions. (21:40)
  • The importance of looking at your numbers. (24:36)

You can find Robert on his website CreativeAgencySuccess.com and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/creative-agency-success/

Get the resources Robert mentioned here: CreativeAgencySuccess.com/InboundBackOffice

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