E298 - 6 Month Plan for Onboarding Digital Marketing Clients Successfully (Prince Kumar Singh - Digital Marketing - Justwords Digital)

Establishing expectations with clients starts in the sales process and continues throughout the relationship. The first 90 days to 6 months are critical for establishing communication patterns and building trust.

Our guest on today's podcast, Prince Kumar Singh - Assistant General Manager - Digital Marketing at JustWords Digital, shares with us a 6 month plan for onboarding Digital Marketing clients successfully.

Prince covers:

  • Transition from sales department to operation department. (3:59)
  • Managing expectations and meeting expectations. (10:00)
  • Understanding the client’s needs. (13:51)
  • Discussing mutual deliverables and campaign plans. (15:49)
  • How to take feedback from your clients. (18:42)
  • How to build trust early on. (24:52)

You can find Prince at https://www.justwords.in and on socials:

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