E299 - Gold Meddle Delegation (Jake Brown, CEO of Air Balloon Advisory)

Are you a master at delegating? Or do you tend to meddle in the tasks you assign to your marketing teams?

Trust is built or broken with your teams and clients by the way you delegate or allow your clients to delegate to you.

On today's podcast, we have Jake Brown, CEO of Air Balloon Advisory, share how to use delegation to get results using his Gold Meddle Delegation strategy.

Jake Brown knows what it takes to survive Leadershit. He spent nearly a decade leading creative teams to do good work and have fun...while dodging the landmines of a really Bad Boss. Now, he helps people turn the prison of work back into a playground. Jake lives in Texas with his wife (the most introverted person you’ll never meet) and their four kiddos.

In today's podcast, Jake covers:

  • How to get information from the boss? (3:52)
  • Trust is the most important thing in business. (9:24)
  • How do you get tasks off your plate? (11:26)
  • The 10-80-10 Principle. (16:21)
  • The value of having ownership. (18:17)
  • How to build trust with your clients. (20:33)
  • Clients delegate because they are failing at something. (25:54)
  • How to delegate clearly and cleanly. (27:57)

Get Jake's new book "Leadershit - Tales and Tools to Survive a Bad Boss and Have Fun at Work" at leadershit.co 

Download Gold Meddle Delegation worksheet: https://leadershit.co/goldmeddle/

Find Jake at Airballoonadvisory.com and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/airballoon/.

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