E300 - How to Create and Share Client Stories to Fuel Growth (Josh Brammer, Growth Consultant)

One of the biggest ways to build trust with potential clients is to have case studies available. However, this is the step we seem to skip as creatives because we want to move on to solving the next problem.

On today's podcast, we have Josh Brammer, Agency Coach and Growth Consultant, to share how to quickly create and share client stories to fuel growth.

Josh is a marketing and systems consultant for creative entrepreneurs. After building and selling a marketing agency, he understands the challenges of building and scaling a service business. As the founder of the Thrive & Foster community, he shares the real stories and systems that help founders and creatives build a thriving online business. 

Josh explains:

  • How to create and share client stories to fuel growth. (3:00)
  • The first step: Listen to your clients. (8:44)
  • How to connect with your ideal client? (11:22)
  • Get clear and the customer's understand the problem. (17:26)
  • Keep your process simple and keep it repeatable. (19:49)
  • How to build a bridge for your clients. (24:28)
  • Create the case study structure in advance . (28:42)

Find Josh at www.joshbrammer.com and on Linked at https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshuabrammer/

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