E301 - How to Level Up in Client Management (Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist at Optidge)

On today's podcast, we have Danny Gavin, Founder + Chief Strategist at Optidge, to talk about how to level up in client management.

Danny Gavin is the Founder and CEO of Optidge, an internet marketing agency, an adjunct MBA professor of Marketing at the University of Houston's C.T. Bauer School of Business, and the founder of ODEO, the only online, practical graduate-level course that teaches the fundamentals of digital marketing in 15 weeks. These days, he's also the host of the podcast, The Digital Marketing Mentor, where with his guests, he discusses the meeting points of marketing and mentorship and finding the humanity in all of it. 

Danny covers:

  • How to set expectations for your clients. (1:44)
  • Keeping expectations up on a weekly basis. (4:29)
  • Communicate the results of your work. (7:21)
  • How to get good feedback from clients? (10:21)
  • Should you invest in an account manager? (15:41)
  • Onboarding and cross selling. (19:47)

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