E303 - Creating Business Names that Sell (Lynn Tickner, Founder of Ink and Key)

Creating business and/or product names is HARD. It can hold up all your marketing for months while you figure out the right name. Or worse, if you get the name wrong and it flops with your audience, all the time spent on branding and design goes out the window.

On today's podcast, we have Lynn Tickner, Founder of Ink and Key, to share how to Create Business Names that Sell.

Entrepreneurs can get stuck at every stage of growth, and Lynn Tickner loves to help them get unstuck. Her creative agency, Ink and Key, helps entrepreneurs start with a great name for their idea and turn it into a thriving business. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Lynn uses the power of story to help brands uncomplicate their message, create marketing that works, and reach their ideal clients. She has led her team to finish 500 naming projects in the past 7 years!

Today, Lynn covers:

  • Naming is such a huge part of marketing. (5:04)
  • How to get decision makers involved. (7:56)
  • Finding the right name for your brand. (10:04)
  • Don’t make your name wear too many hats. (18:24)
  • Naming products and product launches. (21:49)

Here's the link to Lynn's 5-part video series on naming: https://www.inkandkey.com/five-naming-tips

You can find Lynn at inkandkey.com and on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/lynn-tickner/

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