E305 - How to Use AI to Improve Overall Team Efficiency and Client Experience (Melissa Jones, CEO 3816 Creative)

On today's podcast, we have Melissa Jones, CEO and Founder of 3816 Creative, to share with us How to Use AI to Improve Overall Team Efficiency and Client Experience. 

With over ten years of experience as a UX Designer, Melissa Jones at 3816 Creative currently calls Downtown Nashville home. You'll find her exploring local foodie spots on her days off, enjoying a great cup of coffee, and training her puppy.⁠

Passionate about pouring into the next generation of design talent, you'll discover a heart for lifelong learning, excellence, and innovation in the tech space.⁠

Melissa covers:

  • How she started her agency and rebranded. (4:24)
  • AI doesn’t have to replace anyone’s job. (7:09)
  • The parameters for using AI. (14:37)
  • The importance of personalization in marketing. (17:15)
  • Using social media to drive more human connection. (19:11)
  • Think through your current systems and workflows. (21:22)

You can find Melissa at www.3816creative.com and on Instagram: www.instagram.com/3816creative

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