E306 - From Resistance to Success: 5 Steps to Roll Out Time Tracking in Agencies (Ilia Markov, Marketing Director at Toggl)

Time tracking can be difficult to get compliance on when it is presented as micromanaging and feels like monitoring.

However, when you present the value of having that data WITH context, employees will more likely get on board with it.

Better business decisions can be made with good information, such as pricing, hiring, and scaling your agency.

On today's podcast, we have Ilia Markov, Marketing Director at Toggl to share with us how to go From Resistance to Success: 5 Steps to Roll Out Time Tracking in Agencies.

As a marketing leader, Ilia dedicates a large share of his time working on the central pillars of Toggl’s go-to-market strategy, such as positioning, messaging, and monetization strategy. He believes understanding your target audience on an intimate level – and especially the problems they face – is the single most important trait of successful marketers.

Ilia covers:

  • How to go from resistance to success. (2:01)
  • How to use time tracking to improve your operations? (6:03)
  • The problem with using time tracking as a monitoring tool. (7:50)
  • How to figure out which projects are profitable. (11:35)
  • The importance of knowing your time and resources. (18:16)
  • The importance of gathering data on your agency. (25:32)

You can find Ilia at https://toggl.com/blog/report-agency-time-tracking-benchmarks-2023 and on socials:

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