E308 - How to Have a Successful Marketer to Business Relationship (Michelle Puccinelli, Owner at Micro Marketer)

Creating and maintaining good client relationships is crucial to growing our marketing agencies.

There are a few foundational things that should be in place to ensure a smooth and positive experience for both the client and the marketer.

On today's podcast, we discover what those things are with Michelle Puccinelli, Owner of Micro Marketer. She shares with us how to have a successful marketer-to-business relationship.

Michelle Puccinelli began her marketing journey in 2019 as a part-time, entry-level social media manager - with zero marketing education or experience. Today she is the marketing director for eight businesses and oversees over 30 marketing freelancers. While managing these teams of specialized marketers, she realized that EVERY small business and solopreneur could get the marketing they deserve without hiring expensive agencies or internal employees.

Today, her company, Micro Marketer, helps business owners build the exact marketing teams they need. Her team acts as a "Marketing Director For Rent" - preparing businesses to receive marketing help and then finding the ideal freelancer that will move their business forward. She's obsessed with hooking up business owners and contractors and sending them off into the sunset on a beautiful marketing adventure.

Michelle covers:

  • The three requirements of a successful agency relationship. (6:41)
  • Onboarding process. (12:15)
  • Hiring the perfect freelancer. (14:21)
  • Managing the relationship between freelancers and businesses. (16:55)
  • You cannot pay for a good referral. (22:47)

You can find Michelle at HireAMarketer.co and on socials:

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