E309 - The Power of Niching and Specialization in Agency (Chris Boehlke, SR VP of Sales at Blushark Digital)

Does your agency focus on a specialization or a niche?

Niching is what industry you serve. Specialization is what type of services you offer.

The more you niche down to your target vertical and trim your services down to a few specializations for that niche, the easier it is to scale and become a thought leader in your space.

On today's podcast, Chris Boehlke, SR VP of Sales at BluShark Digital, talks about the power of niching and specialization in an agency.

Chris Boehlke is the Senior Vice President of Sales at BluShark Digital. He has over 20 years of sales experience, with the first 15 years in the fitness industry. For the past five years, Chris has worked in digital marketing leadership and sales roles, helping small to medium-sized businesses increase their online visibility to scale and grow. He is currently focused on working with clients from the legal and medical industries.

In this podcast, Chris covers:

  • The power of niching down and specialization. (4:56)
  • Niching down the legal industry. (13:02)
  • Focusing your domain and backlink strategy. (18:11)
  • Finding the right clients and being transparent. (21:05)
  • Niching your team and specializations. (23:00)
  • The importance of posting on Google business profiles. (28:04)

You can find Chris at https://blusharkdigital.com/ or https://medsharkdigital.com/ and on socials:

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