E312 - How to Modernize Your Agency’s Business Model With AI (Raul Hernandez Ochoa, Founder CEO of Do Good Work)

AI isn't going anywhere. In fact, it is going to become more and more a necessity for agency owners to adopt and understand.

Just like in 2020, we have to adapt or get left behind.

There are so many benefits to how AI can modernize your business.

On today's podcast, we have Raul Hernandez Ochoa - Founder and CEO of Do Good Work, to talk about How to Modernize Your Agency’s Business Model With AI.

Raul is a business strategist who can influence top-line revenue and bottom-line profit by aligning your marketing, product, and operations for growth.

Raul covers:

  • How to think about AI from a strategic perspective (5:46)
  • How to measure your positioning in the marketplace? (13:44)
  • Where does the human touch come in? (16:21)
  • How to adapt to changes in the market? (19:00)
  • The future of agency work is becoming a commodity. (23:39)

You can connect with Raul on LinkedIn or his website. 

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