E313 - The Importance of Cultivating a Fun Team Environment (Sarah Loughry, Founder & CEO of Em Dash Content Studio)

Work environment and culture play a crucial role in your agency's success. Fostering a positive work atmosphere can boost productivity and lead to significant internal and external growth with clients.

On today's podcast, we have Sarah Loughry, Founder & CEO of Em Dash Content Studio, talking about the importance of cultivating a fun team environment.

Sarah is the Founder and CEO of Em Dash Content Studio–a boutique team of content experts that provides an end-to-end solution for optimized, quality content.  Her journey to entrepreneurship was anything but linear. She got her start in radio, took a detour in education administration, and climbed the corporate marketing ladder before taking a complete 180 into freelance writing. Since the founding of Em Dash in 2021, Sarah has had some big wins, suffered losses, and cried weekly. She continues to make mistakes but is determined to learn from them. She’s also a lover of animals, wine, running, and travel–though her husband, daughter, best friends, and family bring her the most joy. 

Sarah covers:

  • Creating a fun work environment. (2:21)
  • Work environments, toxicity, and diversity. (6:26)
  • Culture and team dynamics. (11:59)
  • Workplace stress and leaving a corporate job for a more fulfilling career. (17:43)
  • Managing a team in a creative industry. (20:44)
  • Embracing mistakes in marketing and creating a growth-oriented culture. (25:49)

You can find Sarah at https://emdashcontentstudio.com/ and on socials:

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