E314 - Building Trust With Your Audience is an Overlooked but Crucial Part of SEO (Meg Clarke, Owner at Clapping Dog Media)

Building trust with our audience and clients is a large part of what we focus on as agency owners. But did you think about building trust even in the SEO process?

On today's podcast, we have Meg Clarke, the owner of Clapping Dog Media, share with us how building trust with your audience is an overlooked but crucial part of SEO.

Meg is a master at growing organic traffic. "I’ve spent years learning everything I can about how exactly Google works. Now, I combine all of that data and experience to help you turn your website visitors into raving fans that stick around. I’m here for you. For all of the businesses, both big and small, who do good work for good people. I’ll give you the megaphone you need to make sure your voice is heard. Your dream clients are looking for you. I’m simply going to make sure they can find you. By day, I’m teaching our clients exactly how they can harness the power of Google, but by night, I’m playing with my three boys, husband, and company mascot, a goldendoodle named Vader."

Meg covers:

  • Why is building trust such a crucial part of seo? (0:00)
  • How to build trust with your audience? (4:16)
  • The power of consistency. (9:27)
  • How to build trust with google. (15:04)
  • The importance of data and numbers. (24:54)
  • Chasing a dream down. (29:32)

You can find Meg at clappingdogmedia.com and on socials:

LinkedIn -  www.linkedin.com/in/clappingdogmedia

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