E316 - Personal Branding: The Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age (Vladimer Botsvadze, Speaker and Digital Marketing Influencer)

In today's environment, anyone can build a brand online. It has opened up the world of entrepreneurship in a way we've never seen.

But it has also created the necessity for business owners, especially service-based businesses like marketing agencies, to build a personal brand. It can set your agency apart from all the other agencies out there.

On today's podcast, we have Vladimer Botsvadze, Speaker and Digital Marketing Influencer, to talk about Personal Branding: The Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age.

Vladimer Botsvadze is a world-renowned, multi-award-winning digital transformation and social media influencer, thought leader, keynote speaker, startup advisor, and internet personality. He has over 15 years of international experience and a proven track record. Vladimer is currently ranked as the No. 1 Global Marketing and Retail Influencer by Thinkers360.

He is an Advisory Board Member at the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute. He is a judge at the Gartner Marketing and Communication Awards. He has spoken at the Global Marketing Summit, where his performance received rave reviews. Vladimer has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, and World Biz Magazine.

Vladimer covers:

  • How he got started in marketing? (3:26)
  • The sky's the limit when you're open minded. (6:30)
  • The importance of building a personal brand. (8:36)
  • Traditional marketing channels vs. social media. (12:44)
  • The power of the personal brand. (19:04)
  • How social media is like a swiss army knife. (21:42)

You can find Vladimer at https://www.vladimerbotsvadze.com/ and on socials:

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