E317 - How Becoming a Deep Expert Lets You Compete with Any Other Agency (David Glaza, CEO of DIGITS)

Becoming an expert in your field is something we all aspire to. The deeper into your field and the more expertise you gain, the easier it is to compete in your space.

Not only does it allow you to attract the right clients and serve them better, but it also allows you to build a team of experts that stay with your agency.

On today's podcast, we have David Glaza, CEO of DIGITS, to share exactly how becoming a deep expert lets you compete with any other agency.

David covers:

  • How to become a deep expert in your niche. (0:02)
  • How Digits has expanded into other fields. (4:37)
  • Competing with other agencies as a deep expert. (8:53)
  • Acquiring more talent through expansion. (13:39)
  • Letting go. (17:55)

You can find David at digitsagency.com and on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidglaza/

Get your own target circle report: https://www.digitsagency.com/target-circle-report

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