E318 - Prioritizing Consumer Centric Ad Strategy to Boost Campaign Performance Through 2024 and Beyond (Askia Underwood, Chief Growth Officer)

2024 is upon us; consumers expect a more streamlined and targeted ad experience.

How frustrating is it when you see an ad, click on it, and it takes you to a different product or service?

As agency owners, we must be extremely mindful of our ad strategies and make them customer-centric for a good experience and improved ROAS for our clients.

On today's podcast, Askia Underwood, Chief Growth Officer of DriveLine, talks about prioritizing consumer-centric ad strategy to boost campaign performance through 2024 and beyond.

Askia covers:

  • Prioritizing consumer-centric ad strategy. 3:08
  • Leveraging marketing strategies for business growth. 7:51
  • Ad strategy and user experience. 13:23
  • Personalized ads. 18:49
  • Using data to optimize ad spend and improve customer centricity. 24:24
  • Consumer behavior. 28:36

You can find Askia at https://driveline.ai and on socials:

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/askiaunderwood

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