E319 - The Biggest Mistakes Agency Owners Make When It Comes to Money (Lauren Colson, CEO and Founder of Colson Strategies)

On today's podcast, we have Lauren Colson, CEO and Founder of Colson Strategies, talk about some of the biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to money.

Lauren is a number geek with people skills! As the owner of Colson Strategies, she runs a small but mighty team. Lauren finds passion in helping business owners make the best, most informed decisions through financial information. Lauren knows you're working hard to grow your business, and as a financial expert, she doesn’t take that lightly. Lauren, along with her team, takes the scary out of your finances so you can focus on what matters most. 

Lauren covers:

  • The biggest mistake you can make with your finances (2:00)
  • The importance of having experts in your weak areas (6:40)
  • Mistake 2: Making short-term decisions that affect long-term profitability (8:44)
  • Why you need to create a financial roadmap (13:20)
  • Mistake 3: Not separating personal from business finances (19:20)

You can find Lauren at https://www.colsonstrategies.com/ and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurencolsoncpa/

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