E321 - How Agency Owners Can Mitigate and Lessen Burnout as They are Scaling (Beth Carr, CEO of Fortified Branding)

Burnout is all too common among agency owners. We have big goals and want to grow and then scale. Yet, in the process, we often lose ourselves.

On today's podcast, we have Beth Carr, CEO of Fortified Branding, to talk with us about how agency owners can mitigate and lessen burnout as they are scaling.

Beth Carr, Messaging Architect, Brand Strategist, and StoryBrand Guide, has over 18 years of experience building brand systems at well-known companies such as Nestlè and LA Fitness to biotechs and Bay Area start-ups. She has helped brands engage their customers and grow millions in revenue, investments, and VC backing.

Her boutique brand messaging and marketing agency, Fortified Branding, applies the power of design and the neuroscience of storytelling mixed with marketing strategies to empower founders and high-growth companies to tell a compelling brand narrative - both visually and verbally- so they can stand out in the sea of sameness and thrive.

Beth covers:

  • Mitigating burnout in scaling businesses. (3:38)
  • Setting boundaries for productivity and creativity. (14:02)
  • Sustainability and self-care for agency owners. (23:03)

You can find Beth at fortifiedbranding.com and on socials:

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