E323 - How to Set Your Agency Up for Success With PR (Chrissy Bernal, Founder of Be A Better Brand)

Did you know podcasts are a type of PR you can utilize for your agency?

PR isn't just articles and press releases. It is a way to build your brand's reputation.

On today's podcast, we have Chrissy Bernal, Founder of Be A Better Brand, to share with us about how to set your agency up for success with PR.

After suddenly ending up in the global spotlight for her unique identical twins, Chrissy Bernal was savvy enough to know she needed to create and grow their brands quickly. After receiving really bad advice that cost time and thousands of dollars, she decided to dive into learning what she really needed to do to help their brands gain momentum and be taken seriously.

And because she doesn't want other authors, podcasters, and entrepreneurs to feel frustrated and stuck like she was, she combined what she learned from her formal education with the real-world knowledge gained from her family’s growth toward global brand awareness so she can help other brands grow with intention and less stress.

She's the founder of Be a Better Brand, and by using proven Marketing and Communications frameworks and strategic PR, she and her team help authors, podcasters, and entrepreneurs pull together branding, messaging, & publicity so they clearly communicate their stories, increase their influence & reduce the chaos experienced in the journey of being known.

Today, Chrissy covers:

  • How to use PR to improve your brand. (3:09)
  • How to get into the publishing world? (8:27)
  • Pitching to journalists vs. editors. (12:53)
  • Paying for content. (16:56)
  • Podcasts are a great place to test your message. (21:16)

You can find Chrissy at www.beabetterbrand.com and on socials:

Get the Clarity journal: https://beabetterbrand.com/clarity

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