E324 - The Importance of Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn (Nigel Thomas, CEO of Alpha Inbound)

Did you know that there are 875 million people who use LinkedIn, but only 1% of those people post content, and only 10% engage?

What does that mean?

Well it means there is a lot of opportunity to build a personal brand on LinkedIn. While it can feel flooded with content, the truth is it is not.

And there's no way to know who is actually consuming your content because 90% of people don't engage. But they are there, reading, watching, and learning from you.

That is why, on today's podcast, we have Nigel Thomas, CEO of Alpha Inbound, to talk about the importance of building a personal brand on LinkedIn.

Nigel Thomas is the current CEO of Alpha Inbound, a performance marketing agency that helps DTC brands find more customers through paid advertising.

Having scaled 2 marketing agencies from scratch to 7 figures in the last 3 years and leading his teams to spend over $100M on ads for some of the biggest DTC brands, Nigel is a true-bred entrepreneur.

With a strong personality and a growing following of over 36,000 people on LinkedIn, he's on track to become one of the market leaders of the DTC and branding industry.

Nigel covers:

  • Why it's crucial you build a personal brand (4:02)
  • Getting started, put in the work and set time aside. (5:07)
  • Strategy for LinkedIn Posts. (10:00)
  • Stories are what connect with people. (15:22)
  • Create winning content. (19:02)
  • How to attract A-player employees. (22:01)
  • The power of LinkedIn stories and connections. (24:30)
  • Create a mastermind group of like-minded people to win together. (26:21)

You can find Nigel at alphainbound.com and on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/nigelthomas-ai/

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