E325 - How to Build Affinity With Clients (Katy Ward, StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter at New Story Marketing)

In the competitive agency world, one of the most valuable assets you can have is a deep connection with your clients.

Build strong client relationships, and you will have a thriving agency.

On today's podcast, we have Katy Ward, StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter at New Story Marketing, to talk about how to build affinity with clients.

Katy is a StoryBrand Certified Guide & Copywriter and a visual artist. She works with companies in holistic wellness and sustainability to create a clear message and a transformational customer journey. After writing hundreds of emails, websites, funnels, and sales scripts, Katy has a knack for seeing the soul of a brand and communicating it in a way that attracts and inspires the right audience. She lives in Austin, Texas, and enjoys regular travel, dancing, hosting events and parties, and deep conversations that aren't about AI.

Katy covers:

  • How did Katy got started with her business. (5:36)
  • Communication and building an affinity. (9:20)
  • The importance of listening at the emotional level. (17:01)
  • The importance of having a point of contact. (21:58)
  • The power of self-discovery in business. (26:57)

You can find Katy at www.newstorymarketing.com and on socials:

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