E326 - How to Write a Marketing Plan in the Real World (Damien Cabral, Partner and CoFounder of Tribal Vision)

As agency owners, it can feel like we need to be the smartest person in the room when we get a new client. This can lead to us creating a marketing strategy that overhauls their whole marketing approach to prove that we know what we are doing.

However, that isn't the most productive way of getting results quickly. And it could result in a lot of money spent with very little results, leaving you and your agency looking untrustworthy.

On today's podcast, Damien Cabral, Partner and co-founder of Tribal Vision, dives into practical ways to create and implement a marketing plan in the real world.

Damien covers:

  • How do you write a marketing plan? (3:43)
  • The importance of audit first. (8:06)
  • How to properly use a competitor analysis. (13:18)
  • How much to change at once? (18:23)
  • Do what you're good at. (24:03)

You can find Damien at www.TribalVision.com and on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/damiencabral/

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