E328 - Starting a Marketing Agency Part 6 of 6 (Julie Nichols, Owner of Julie Nichols Marketing)

On today's podcast, we are welcoming back Julie Nichols, Owner of Julie Nichols Marketing, for the final episode in our 6-part series on Building a Marketing Agency. Today’s episode is called: Forward Momentum: Becoming the Marketing Expert.

Julie Nichols is a digital marketing consultant with over 12 years of experience empowering small businesses, non-profits, and solopreneurs by providing expert strategy and execution for content, brand, and social media marketing. She's the powerhouse marketing amplifier, primed to ignite the party and bring it right to your doorstep. Julie understands that digital marketing can be overwhelming, especially if you've mainly relied on referral business. With her energetic-yet-nurturing approach, she'll break down all the marketing basics for you, ensuring you grasp the "why" behind every strategy.

Julie covers:

  • Where her business is at after 9 months of building it
  • The momentum she is seeing with referrals and networking
  • The big lesson she learned from her side job in December
  • What she is excited about for 2024 and her word for the year
  • How she is finding subcontractors and the strategy she is using to make sure they are good at what they do

You can find Julie on her website: julienicholsmarketing.com 

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