E331 - How to Offer Long-term Brand Management to Your Existing Clients as an Add-on Service (Allison Conway, Founder & Creative Director of Sealevel Agency)

As agency owners we often stick to the major marketing offerings for our clients but don't dive into aspects such as Brand Management.

It's commonly a blind spot for clients as well. Yet, it's crucial to the health and growth of a company.

On this episode, we have Allison Conway, Founder & Creative Director of Sealevel Agency to talk about how to offer long-term brand management to your existing clients as an add-on service.

Allison is the founder and creative director of Sealevel Agency®, a brand management, marketing strategy, and design agency that helps its clients tell stories worth telling. She's been to over 40 countries, is a bestselling author, and recently completed the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage across France and Spain. Allison believes business is simple: one person has a thing and another person needs the thing. In the meantime, we get to know each other by sharing the stories that make us human – and she loves helping her clients, and fellow agency owners, do exactly that. She loves making friends so find her on LinkedIn.

Today, Allison covers:

  • The importance of long-term brand management (3:26)
  • How brand perceptions are created subconsciously (5:21)
  • Where to start when creating a brand management strategy for clients (8:32)
  • Why brand management is a blind spot for most clients (13:51)
  • What makes up your brand's reputation (20:18)
  • 3 things to think about when offering brand management to clients (21:14)

You can find Allison at Sealevel Agency and on LinkedIn.

Find her mini-course here: https://sealevelagency.com/shop/courses

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