E333 - Why Prospective Clients Don't Want to Work With Agencies (Jarod Spiewak, Comet Fuel)

On this episode, we have Jarod Spiewak, Founder of Comet Fuel to share with us why prospective clients don't want to work with agencies.

Jarod is an international speaker and founder helping service and SaaS businesses scale to $5M-$10M by turning Clicks To Cash.

He spent a year working in corporate America and two with a digital marketing agency before launching the first iteration of Comet Fuel in 2018.

Comet Fuel has helped their clients turn $40M+ in ad spend into $250M+ in revenue, one could say that things are going alright.

When he's not working, Jarod can be found cooking, watching way too much YouTube (allegedly), and working on creating efforts that will never see the light of day.

On the podcast, Jarod covers:

  • Why clients don't want to work with agencies. 2:21
  • Creating a unique and compelling offer for web design clients. 4:57
  • Managing client meetings and streamlining communication. 10:00
  • Agency growth and client communication strategies. 14:56
  • Tailoring sales pitches to clients' needs. 20:23
  • Why agencies struggle to work with clients and how to overcome the challenges. 24:47

You can find Jarod at www.cometfuel.com and on socials:

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