E334 - How to Diagnose and Sell Branding Using BrandScience™ (Stæven Frey, Quantum Branding Agency)

On this episode, we have  Stæven Frey, Founder/Chief Brand Scientist at Quantum Branding Agency, to talk about how to diagnose and sell branding using BrandScience™.

Stæven is the “adorkable” Founder and the Chief Brand Scientist at Quantum Branding. He helps brands become authentic and memorable category leaders through the power of BrandScience™ —the core of what fuels successful brand growth, sales, and marketing.

His playful, light-hearted, and articulate insights make it easy to understand the science of branding—the most important aspect of every brand’s existence.

He’s passionate about helping grow, purpose-driven brands get to the next level, disrupt their market, and leverage the power of BrandScience™ to become the industry authority they’re meant and made to be.

Clients work with Stæven in (3) three ways: Design and Strategy, Coaching and Workshops, as well as joining their brand in a fractional Chief Strategy Officer role.

He loves anything orange, cats, plants, pottery, Coke Zero, and white mochas; he hates mean girls (not the movie), condiments, and an empty coffee cup. He’s never met a stranger, albeit human or animal. He lives in Nashville.

Stæven covers:

  • Fads vs Data-Driven Branding
  • How brands evolve through seasons and cycles
  • How to talk about branding with your clients
  • The importance of understanding the origin story, category, offering, and marketing landscape for your brand

You can find Staeven at Quantum Branding Agency and on LinkTree

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