E335 - Bridging the Gap Between Earning Clients NOW and Investing in SEO for the Future (Nick Baird, Nick of Time Search)

On this episode, we have Nick Baird, Founder of Nick of Time Search to talk about Bridging the gap between earning clients NOW and investing in SEO for the future.

Nick is a 30 year old who ditched the conventional 9-5, booked a one-way ticket to Germany, and works 100% remotely as an SEO consultant and content marketer. His favorite clients to work with are national websites with backlogs of unoptimized content and local service-based businesses. Since starting Nick of Time Search in January, his biggest win has been doubling an accounting agency's traffic in six months while finding time to reignite his passion for playing piano and saxophone. 

Nick covers:

  • Bridging the gap between clients now and investing in SEO for the future. 2:48
  • Repurposing social media content for SEO and website growth. 7:28
  • Investing in business growth and managing debt. 13:10
  • Marketing agency guarantees and client anxiety. 18:43
  • Easing anxiety with an SEO roadmap for your clients 23:56

You can find Nick at nick-baird.com and on LinkedIn

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