E336 - Incorporating Automation and AI into Your Business (Alicia Branham, Bran Marketing)

On this episode, we have Alicia Branham, CEO - Head Bad Ass at Bran Marketing to talk about incorporating automation and AI into your business.

Alicia is a design and marketing luminary with over two decades of experience as a Creative and MarComm Director. Her journey into entrepreneurship was fueled by an unwavering determination to break free from uninspiring workplaces and financial constraints. As the CEO of Bran Marketing, she leads a virtual design firm tailored for the modern world, offering top-tier brand development, design, website development, media planning, and influencer marketing services.

In today's digital landscape, where image and story converge, your brand isn't just a name—it's an experience, a message, and a promise. Alicia and her team at Bran Marketing breathe life into your business, ensuring that your story isn't just told—it's felt. With a genuine passion for her craft and a client-centered approach, Alicia stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the world of branding.

On the podcast, Alicia covers:

  • Creating systems and processes for a virtual agency. 6:13
  • Scaling an agency with automation and support. 11:18
  • The importance of updating business processes and SOPs. 17:00
  • Scaling a business through delegation and community support. 20:01
  • Entrepreneurship, business success, and financial management. 23:59
  • Networking, and remote work. 29:22

You can find Alicia at Bran Marketing and on socials:

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