E337 - Strategies to not get Caught in Spam Filters (James Elliman - Elliman Technologies LLC)

On this episode, we have James Elliman, Founder of Elliman Technologies LLC to talk about what marketing agencies should be discussing with their client's IT to save their emails from spam filters.

James Elliman founded Elliman Technologies LLC in 2019 after working for a $1.7 billion telecommunications company and seeing their technology and security challenges from the front lines. His mission is to serve the people of Massachusetts with a one-stop solution for cybersecurity, tech solutions, and IT support 24/7.

James graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a degree in computer science. In previous roles, he worked in a telecommunications network operations center (NOC) and served in a variety of jobs in the maritime industry.

In his free time, Elliman steps out from behind his computer and works on cars, trucks, houses, and boats. He has a passion for resolving any crisis and remaining calm under pressure. “Problem-solving is my favorite thing,” he says.

James covers:

  • Navigating email marketing challenges for agencies and clients. (2:33)
  • Email security and deliverability in marketing. (7:02)
  • Email deliverability and spam prevention for agency owners. (10:42)
  • Email customization strategies. (15:34)
  • Spam filtering and personalization. (19:21)
  • Email security and IT department collaboration. (24:59)

You can find James at Elliman Technologies and on socials:

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