E339 - Building Out Your Systems for Success as an Agency (Moustafa Moursy, Push Analytics)

You've heard it before but we will say it again; the easiest way to make more money in your agency is to shore up your systems and processes so you don't leave money on the table.

On this episode of the podcast, we have Moustafa Moursy, President of Push Analytics to talk about building out your systems for success as an agency.

Moustafa Moursy is a deeply experienced entrepreneur who empowers business owners to scale rapidly by rationalizing and mastering processes specific to their circumstances. Moustafa leads Push Analytics, a top consultancy firm helping businesses grow and optimize their business processes. His strong technical foundation and expertise in B2B sales and sales leadership allow him to combine complex processes and technology stacks to deliver custom, hyper-focused systems that maximize efficiency, profits, and market share. By observing functions, conversing with principals, and creating elegant structures, Moustafa and Push generate rapid growth and help businesses more powerfully serve and expand their core markets.

Moustafa covers:

  • Systems and documentation are crucial for a successful business, especially in sales processes
  • Writing down processes and creating SOPs help identify problems and improve efficiency, in particular in handoffs from team to team
  • Improving systems has a guaranteed ROI that is more reliable than other strategies
  • The importance of having internal and external processes to define automated and manual tasks associate with sales stages
  • Good processes lead to great client experiences which leads to more referrals early on

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