E329 - Knowing Your Internal Labor Rate is More Important Than Your Profitability or Revenue (Jake Hundley, CEO of Evergrow Marketing)

There are two main pricing strategies agency owners will employ. One is the hourly rate strategy and one is the value-based pricing strategy.

With either of them, you have to know what your internal labor rate is to effectively price your services. Without that, your profitability is unknown and your revenue growth will suffer.

On today's podcast we have Jake Hundley, CEO of Evergrow Marketing to talk to us about how Knowing your internal labor rate is more important than your profitability or revenue.

Jake is the founder and co-owner of Evergrow Marketing, a digital marketing agency that focuses on the lawn care and landscaping industry. He and his business partner, Cody, also co-host the Everbros Agency Growth Podcast -- a podcast created to provide free advice to agency owners based on their own experience.

Jake covers:

  • Internal labor rate vs profitability in digital marketing agencies. 0:34
  • Pricing and productizing services for agencies. 7:50
  • Agency operations and financial planning. 13:34
  • Profit-first system. 19:16
  • Pricing models for marketing agencies. 26:53

You can find Jake at Evergrow Marketing and on socials:

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