Project Management

Inbound Back Office "plugs into" your existing team to augment your capabilities and expand your resources at a fraction of the cost of hiring new people. We provide assistance so you can focus your time on sales, strategy, client services, and building your business.

If you're getting overwhelmed with project management, let our team help. Our project managers will bolster your team and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We will integrate into your existing project management tools, attend meetings, interface with clients and make sure "all your trains run on time."

What project management looks like is definitely different and flexible for each client's needs. We can manage your internal team, or our internal team (or a mix of both) to ensure that all projects are clearly communicated, everyone knows what they are doing, what their expectations and deadlines are.

Our project managers can help with various tasks like:

  • Oversee client projects
  • Coordinate resources and deadlines
  • Serve as point of contact for clients
  • Juggle deadlines and deliverables while setting expectations
  • Communicate with clients via email, phone, and project management software
  • Building monthly reports for inbound marketing clients

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