E440: Utilizing an Experimental Mindset to Grow Your Business (Carolina Fowler, Lovegood Studio)

On this episode of the IBO podcast, we have Carolina Fowler, Brand and Marketing Strategist at Lovegood Studio to discuss Utilizing an Experimental Mindset to Grow Your Business.

Carolina is a brand and marketing strategist and founder of Lovegood Studio. After 16+ years in marketing, she approaches business growth with a Design Thinking-inspired experimental framework, designing smart brand & marketing strategies that help solopreneurs and small businesses to get the most out of their marketing efforts, with minimized risk and maximized impact, so we can finally build the joyful, financially and energetically sustainable businesses of our dreams.

Carolina covers:

  • Utilizing an experimental mindset in business growth. (7:17)
  • Prioritizing marketing efforts for growth. (16:17)
  • Marketing funnel optimization and experimentation. (21:43)
  • Systematizing experimentation for marketing agencies. (27:30)

You can find Carolina at Lovegood Studio and on socials:

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