E441: The Value of Empathetic Marketing (Emily Lyman, Branch & Bramble)

On this episode, we have Emily Lyman, CEO & Founder of Branch & Bramble to talk to us about the value of empathetic marketing.

Emily spent nearly a decade working in-house with global companies such as SAP and Penguin Random House helping them achieve tangible marketing results. Today, she is the CEO and Founder of Branch and Bramble, an award-winning marketing agency. She specializes in blending data with heart and values to create meaningful audience connections for brand partners which include Patagonia, Paramount, and Simon & Schuster. Emily recently became an innkeeper and chicken mom when she and her husband purchased a bed and breakfast in the Catskills.

Emily covers:

  • The impact difference in marketing messaging types
  • Understanding how human emotions play a role in purchasing decisions
  • Empathetic marketing framework
  • How to prove through data that empathy works

You can find Emily at Branch and Bramble and on socials:


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