E442: AI and Marketing in 2024 (Matthew Silverman, Silverman Consulting)

Are the AI robots going to take over the world?


So we need to prepare now because the speed of AI is intense.

So how do we do that? And what's the outlook?

On this episode, we have Matthew Silverman of Silverman Consulting who answers those questions and more as he chats with Amy about AI and marketing in 2024.

Matthew is the founder of a boutique digital consultancy, which is focused on digital marketing for grateful clients. He specializes in: SEO, Google Ads, social ads, fractional CMO, growth marketing, and ABM. He has been practicing digital marketing since the early days of "online" and loves testing new technologies. He has been utilizing AI in intelligent paid search bidding since before AI was a thing.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Where we are with AI in Marketing today
  • Where AI is heading
  • What the benefits (and the dangers) of AI are
  • Best practices for getting the most out of AI

You can find Matthew at:

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