E445: The Key Laws to Agency Growth (Michael Wark, Trimline)

Ever wish you had a north star guiding you through the challenges of agency growth?

You know what challenges I'm talking about.

The challenges that take you through the 'Bermuda triangle" of business.

But what if there were rules you could follow that would guide you through those challenges and get to unstoppable growth?

Our guest on this episode, Michael Wark, CEO of Trimline, holds the key. 

Michael Wark is a Fractional CFO and Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of commercial experience.  He is the founder of Trimline which specializes in helping agency owners stay profitable as they navigate the growth curve to $5 million in revenue and beyond. 

Michael outlines the key laws of agency growth to catapult you to maximum growth.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why mindset is the first thing you need to consider
  • How hiring the right team members is a huge key to growth
  • How growing too fast can kill your agency
  • How being future-minded will serve you well

You can find Michael at Trimline and on socials:


Check out Michael's book Riding the Waves of Business Growth: Your Path to a $5M Company

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