E449: How to Use Story in Marketing/Messaging (Graham Burke, Bullseye Messaging)

Is your messaging truly connecting with your audience?

If you're not using storytelling, it might not be.

But there is hope!

On this episode of the IBO podcast, we have Graham Burke, Owner at Bullseye Messaging. Graham was born to be a copywriter but didn't take an ordinary path to get there. While others worked soul-crushing marketing agency jobs or whiled away their young lives in a classroom, Graham was doing . . . other things, like cris-crossing Guatemala as a human rights observer and being a horseback tour guide by day and bartender/cook by night on Kodiak Island, Alaska. That's just the shortlist, but all these "jobs" taught him that you don't prosper (or maybe even survive) if you can't quickly spot the critical problems and find creative solutions, and communicate them.

Graham talks about how adding stories to your marketing can have a huge impact on your prospective clients.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • How to take a complex product/service and simplify the messaging
  • How to properly use AI to help with writing
  • How to really connect with your clients and prospects
  • How to be a storyteller if you're not good at storytelling
  • So much more!

You can find Graham at Bullseye Messaging and on socials:


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