E450: Marketing Agility is the #1 Factor in Success (Brooke MacLean, Marketwake)

Habits and routines are great, right?

That is, until they stop serving you.

Many times you don't even notice that your habits are no longer serving you.

You're only hurting yourself by not evaluating this regularly!

On this podcast, we have Brooke MacLean, CEO of Marketwake, an award-winning Growth Marketing agency offering best-in-class services to industries including healthcare, SaaS, FinTech, and eCommerce.

Brooke talks about how to be agile in your marketing so that you can continuously grow your success.

You'll learn:

  • What marketing agility actually means
  • How to stay agile in marketing and partnerships
  • How often to evaluate what you're doing
  • What metrics to look at to determine if what you're doing is still serving you
  • How to work with clients who are not comfortable with agility

You can find Brooke at Marketwake and on socials:



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