E454: Reviewing Your Agency's Brand & Value Proposition in Today's World (Jennifer Sutton, Bright Marketing)

Does your company need brand therapy?

Are you putting in enough brain sweat?

If you haven't reviewed your brand or your value proposition in a few years, then you might just need both!

On this episode, we have Jennifer Sutton, CEO or BRIGHT Marketing who talks about reviewing your agency's brand and value proposition in this new post-covid landscape.

After two decades of working at large agencies, Jennifer founded Bright Marketing in 2013 with the idea to support the greater business community in a better more agile way. As the agency grew by helping growth companies achieve success, she formed a media company, OrangeWIP, in 2022, that builds media platforms in affiliate cities dedicated to serving founders and entrepreneurs by providing a one-stop content hub to navigate the local ecosystem with ease.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • What a brand is (and isn't)
  • How often you should be reevaluating your brand/value proposition
  • Why the landscape is so different today than even 5 years ago
  • The questions to ask when evaluating your brand and value proposition

You can find Jennifer at Bright Marketing and on socials:


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