Nikki Jasper

Image of Nikki Jasper

Nikki is IBO’s Client Success Manager -- aka, the first person you talk to after you decide to utilize IBO’s services. Or the person you talk to when you have a problem. Or when you’re just in the mood to chat. She’s basically in charge of people-ing, specifically for clients.

Nikki studied English with hopes that someone would pay her to read; today, she spends her days living that dream by reading the metric ton of emails that arrive in her inbox each morning. Prior to her work with IBO, Nikki worked as a marketing specialist, an accounts payable coordinator, the billing specialist at a chiropractor’s office… the list goes on and on.

Bottom line? If you need something, she can connect you with the right person for the job. And if all else fails, she’ll probably try to do it herself. Unless it’s really technical. It’s best to leave that stuff to the experts.


  • Problem-solving
  • Content writing/strategy
  • Editing
  • Chatting (I have a black belt in chatting)