You've Signed On with IBO... Now What?

By Nikki Jasper | | 7.20.22

It’s an exciting time! You’ve signed the contract to work with Inbound Back Office, you’ve done the onboarding call with your friendly neighborhood client success manager (hello there!), and now it’s time to start working with the team. What does that look like?

Good news— I’m here to help! Let’s talk through the process of starting work with the different service areas IBO offers.

Content and Graphic Design

On the surface, you might not think these teams have a lot in common, beyond the fact that they’re both staffed by creative folks. However, at IBO, kicking off with the content team and the graphic design team is very similar.

If your needs are straightforward, the teams’ managers will simply send you a link to a form that you can use for all future requests. It’s clean, it’s easy, and it gives you a general idea of what they need to start the work. Work is typically funneled through a manager, so the forms go straight to the appropriate person— you won’t have to keep track of a lot of different folks.

Is your project complex, or do you just want to schedule a meeting to meet the person you’ll be working with in the future? Our managers are happy to schedule some time to talk! Just make the request and you’ll be in touch with them in no time.

Social Media and Digital Advertising

It’s not as surprising that these services have similar protocols— after all, they both work within the same platforms. (And they share a manager, too!) Like the content and graphic design teams, one of the first things you’ll get when you begin work with the social or the ads team is a link to a form that will provide the team with the information they need to succeed.

Unlike the graphic design and content teams, you’ll typically be connected directly with the team member who will be handling your account. The team’s manager is available to provide support, but for access purposes, it’s more sensible to have one person manage the account. Our manager considers a number of factors when it’s time to make an assignment, including the specific needs of you and your clientele as well as the availability and experience of the social and ads teams. This ensures that you’re getting the person who’s the best fit for the job.

Website Development

As you might guess, website development onboarding can be a little more complex, depending on the project. If you’re looking for a complete site overhaul or a new site built from scratch, there could be multiple meetings with our lead developer and the development team project manager.

If you’re just looking for a small landing page build or some tweaks to an existing template, you’ll probably be sent (say it with me, folks) a link to a form that will provide the team with the info they need to handle the work. Bottom line, our development team is here to help, whether the project is tiny or huge.

Website Support

“But I just LEARNED about the website team,” you might be thinking. Well, yes, but we’ve got a few teams that assist with your websites! I like to say that our website support team helps with everything but the coding, particularly on non-HubSpot sites. For example, if you need someone to load blog posts, update plugins, or add a page to your site using a template, our website support team can handle the job!

To engage with this team, I connect you with the manager, who sends over a link to a form (shocking, I know) to get a better grasp of your specific needs. From there, she’ll reach out for additional information, if it’s necessary. Like the content and graphic design teams, much of the work is funneled through the team’s manager.

HubSpot Production

“But what if I need non-development help with my HubSpot site?” you might be asking now. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! Our HubSpot production team is here to help. They handle everything from creating and maintaining landing pages to onboarding new portals to creating efficient workflows.

“Let me guess… they send a form?” SURPRISE! They don’t— at least, not at this time. Generally, the manager of the team will have a short call with you to determine your needs, and from there, she’ll connect you with the team member who is the best fit for the job. (Like the ads and social teams, it makes the most sense to give the person doing the day-to-day work access to the site.) This specialist will be your go-to for all your HubSpot needs. If, for some reason, they’re not able to handle any of the work you throw their way, they can loop in the manager, who can find another specialist to assist you.

Project Management

This is another team that doesn’t need no stinking forms. The lead project manager listens to the discovery call and the onboarding call to get a better understanding of your team’s needs, and pairs you with the PM who has the skillset and the capacity to take you on.

We know that project management can be a challenging role to fill. One person’s dream PM is another person’s… well, nightmare is probably harsh, but we get that the fit is subjective. If you’re not vibing with your PM, talk to me! We’ve got a deep bench, and I’m confident we can find the person who’s right for you. 

Administrative Assistance

If you’ve got administrative tasks that you’d love to get off your plate, but you don’t have enough to justify a full-time hire, our admin team’s here to help! Once you’ve decided you’re ready to move forward, I’ll connect you to the team’s manager, who will send you a link to a form. (Yep, we’re back to that again!)

This form not only gives you the opportunity to explain your specific needs, but it provides you with a better understanding of the team’s capabilities. (Spoiler… they’re pretty extensive.) You might go to the team for help with scheduling, but when you see that they can ALSO help with inbox management, file maintenance, meeting minutes, travel plans, and more? You just might hand over more than you anticipated. (And then you’ll revel in your newfound free time.)

Once the team’s manager has a better understanding of your specific needs, she’ll connect you with the team member who best suits them. This person will be your primary point of contact going forward, but if you ever have questions or concerns, you can take them up with the team’s manager (or me— I’m always happy to help).

Search Engine Optimization

“Let me guess… I fill out a form and the SEO manager handles it?” You’re correct. Well done! However, since I’ve got some space to fill now, I want to emphasize the importance of actually completing the form.

It may feel like busywork— after all, we’re the experts. Shouldn’t we KNOW what you need? Yes, we’re experts, but YOU’RE the expert on your client. And your client is the expert in their particular field. The more information we get up front, the better equipped we’ll be to make you (and your client) look good with the finished product. We know the forms are time-consuming, but I promise that we’ve put a lot of thought into what makes it on the form. If you ever have questions about how to fill out the form, just reach out to the team’s manager. (Or me — again, I'm here to help.)

Additionally, if you have a very extensive brief (or form) that your team uses, and you feel it would be more efficient to just hand that over? That works for us! We’re ultimately trying to get as much information as we can in the easiest format possible. If you’ve already got a tool that works for you, we’re not looking to reinvent it. We don’t want to make your life harder.

Now that you know what to expect, take the plunge! Explore a new service area, or, if you haven’t taken the first step and signed on with us, what’s stopping you? I’d love to chat about your needs to see if we’d be a good fit! Click here to get some time on the books!